360 Degrees Media is a specialist media and educational finance and advisory company. Our innovative business model combines market led media businesses with educational solutions that aim to resolve structure skills shortages.

It is managed and operated by media financiers Alistair Maclean-Clark and Mark Beilby, both of whom have more than 30 years’ experience in the sector. 360’s business is to create, develop and finance projects that will deliver long-term sustainable and outstanding returns throughout the value chain.

Film, Television and VFX Studio

360 is responding to the ever-increasing demand from both UK and US television networks and studios to find both suitable studio stage space and production facilities in the UK.

360 is securing a 7 acres site in Central Doncaster to build an initial 4 sound stage complex for High End Television production.

360 is working with a number of industry experts to create this unique studio ecosystem that will combine standard sound studios with state of the art digital production, post production and VFX studios, and act as a focal point and stimulus for digital and creative businesses across South Yorkshire.

Media Finance

The 360 team has sourced, delivered and managed market-leading media finance initiatives such as the first private investment fund for BBC Films and the 2012 launch of Ingenious Senior Film Fund (GAP funding for independent film), and were also a part of a team that financed over $2bn of Hollywood hedge fund film slate deals including Dune Capital’s investments in 21st Century Fox slate films such as Borat and The Devil Wears Prada.

Creating a Sustainable Business Cluster around the Film, TV and Digital industries

360 Degrees Media has attracted a diverse range of new digital businesses to its base in Central Doncaster, South Yorkshire to create a unique digital ecosystem around the creative industries.

Working closely with existing digital businesses in the region 360 has built a hub for new entrants to the industry as well as seasoned companies who can benefit from this ecosystem.

In this way over the past 3 years 360 Degrees Media has attracted a sustainable network of companies, including a Training Academy, Immersive Production company, VFX business and Games Testing company to Central Doncaster to support the next phase, the creation of a commercial Studio complex, World Engine Studios.

Digital Educational Properties and Solutions employing the most innovative technology and techniques

360 is also working with some of the leading Edtech specialists in both the US and the UK to create innovative digital, multi-platform and interactive content-based educational properties that employ technology that is in the vanguard of the Edtech market, yet are intuitive and simple to use. 360 is working closely with Edtech company, Auga Technologies.