360 Degrees Media Limited is a specialist media and educational finance and advisory company that operates in the fields of digital and screen media and education.

It is managed and operated by media financiers Alistair Maclean-Clark and Mark Beilby, each of whom have more than 30 years’ experience in the Sector. 360’s business is to create, develop and finance projects that will deliver long-term sustainable and outstanding returns throughout the value chain.

What it means to be an American

What it means to be an American is an innovative online platform that allows all Americans to explore the meaning and relevance of the "Founding Fathers’" guiding principles and to voice their opinions on how the application of these principles has, or perhaps should have evolved, since the earliest days. Utilising ground-breaking interactive educational technology developed by partner Meetoo the platform works with both individuals and institutions to stimulate discussion and debate.

As the 250th anniversary of the United States approaches, and at a challenging time of great polarization, there has never been a more pressing moment to consider What it means to be an American. This not-for-profit platform fosters debate on democracy, civil rights and the preservation of fundamental liberties. It seeks to let the people re-engage with the common dream that first built the United States.

360 is also developing the ‘What it means…’ brand for other countries and sectors.

Media Finance

360 is developing a number of media financing initiatives. The 360 team has historically sourced, delivered and managed market-leading media finance initiatives such as : The first private investment fund for BBC Films and the 2012 launch of Ingenious Senior Film Fund (GAP funding for independent film). Most recently the team secured a £200m investment from leading Chinese media Group CCIG into the University of York's Film and Television Department.

Immigration Visas for the UK and USA

360 Degrees Media Limited is based in the UK and has developed this division of its business to facilitate and broker Tier 1 Immigrant Visas for UK immigrants.

360 will be working with one of the world’s leading international immigration firms to process the visas for both the UK and the US. This relationship allows 360 to react quickly to changes in immigration legislation but also gives investors a further level of expertise and security.

360 also, when required, selectively channels Tier Investment Capital into attractive growth companies, specifically in the areas of digital technology and media content.

Provision of Training Courses in the Film, TV and the Digital industries

360 and its Educational partners are creating courses focused on film, television and the digital industries. These courses are being delivered in tandem with existing educational bodies in the region, ranging from schools to technical colleges as well as Universities.

Creation of Digital Educational Properties, employing the most innovative technology and techniques

360 is working with some of the leading Edtech specialists in both the US and the UK to create innovative digital, multi-platform and interactive content-based educational properties that employ technology that is in the vanguard of the Edtech market yet are intuitive and simple to use.

Sector Specific Corporate Advisory

360 provides advisory services relating to divestments, acquisitions, growth strategies and capital raising initiatives in the Film, TV and Digital Technology spheres. The Directors are able to draw on decades of relevant Sector experience gained at Managing Director level at institutions that include Disney, Really Useful Group, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan; and additionally as Co-Founder of a leading Digital player in Edtech (built and funded from scratch).

Associated Provision and Funding of Real Estate and Facilities

360 is responding to the increasing demand from both UK and US television networks to find suitable studio space. 360 is working with the Local Enterprise Partnership to provide a commercial studio hub for these UK and US producers, who will also benefit from the range of training courses that the local technical colleges and Universities are delivering, and the locally available talent. In addition to the existing financial incentives, including the UK Producers Tax Credit (25% on UK expenditure), 360 has sourced further incentives. These plus the current fluctuating currency exchange provides additional benefit to these overseas producers.